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The platform uses biometric based identification to both register workers and job seekers. The process begins with mass registration of employment seekers to build a digital pool of job seekers. From this digital pool, job seekers are allocated for worker requests collected from factories in the industry park. This platform logs and profiles the recruitment status of each allocated jobseeker and indexes each transaction data for data analytics as well as visualization.


Our Partners

These services are rendered under a service-level cooperation with our foreign, and local partners. The Ethiopian Investment Commission being the lead on this multi stakeholder engagement is partnering with the Mastercard Foundation and First Consult. Learn more about our partners, and their respective roles, below.


The Mastercard Foundation’s new strategy, Young Africa Works, outlines how, over the next decade, the organization will focus on finding solutions to the youth employment challenge and reducing poverty in African institute profiles, as part of this initiative in Ethiopia Master card is funding the BRIDGES program implemented by First Consult PLC.


First Consult PLC is an Ethiopian based consultation implementing a five-year initiative called BRISGES, to support the creation of close to 600,000 jobs for young people (80% women) and 15,000 micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). Furthermore, the program will train 300,000 unemployed youth through industrial park job creation initiatives, and market linkage between industrial parks and MSMEs.


Ethiopian Investment commission is the lead coordinator of this Industry park LMIS intervention in supervising the development of the IP labour database and manage its data collection and aggregation of information from all participating industrial parks. The EIC will also work to ensure proper buy-in and utilization of the database by stakeholders and investors.


What is in HaHu jobs IP ?

HaHuJobs Industry Park is a multi-layer cloud service platform that incorporates multiple service components that work together across deployment models that will automate industry park specific labour management use cases.



Active worker and job seeker biometric identification on graduate, as well as non-graduate levels, through digital registration with their biometrics as unique identifier. These registrations capture details of the professional competency as well as HR required details to ease the burden of factory human resource management personnel.



Enterprise worker demand and supply management is one of the main components of this service deployment. The tools are closely coupled with the HaHuJobs enterprise module to allow all industry park companies to submit white collar vacancies and labor demands through the platform with a fully automated digital recruitment process.



Data collection and reporting is part of this entire service which allows stakeholders to keep track of project KPIs in real time. This platform offers robust reporting dashboards through indexed data that use dynamic visualizations for summarized representation of ground operations. The platform also offers periodic monthly insight reports.

Our Achievements So Far

We are currently serving all active industry parks in EIC and all the companies’ operating within them. Operations have commenced mid-2018, and reflect the current status to date.


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